Ligurian cuisine


The Ligurian cuisine is influenced by the proximity to the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Apennines. Due to the proximity of France, specialties were often exchanged. Since Liguria is the smallest region in Italy, but at the same time has the highest population density, the cuisine is considered very sparingly. The climate is mild but wet by the sea, allowing many wild plants (borage, chard, spinach) to grow and often being processed into filling for local pastry (Tortelli). Vegetables are mixed with cheese, eggs, pine nuts, pistachios, etc. Basil dominates among culinary herbs. The best-known composition is “pesto alla genovese”. The port and trading city of Genoa promoted a global influence on the Ligurian cuisine. Liguria has a seafood cuisine based on fish and shellfish such as sardines, anchovies, mackerel, garfish and crustaceans like king prawns or lobster of the Ligurian Gulf.

Ligurian specialities

Alici marinate

Marinated anchovies


Cod fish

Branzino in tegame

See bass in a pan


Canestrelli (biscuits)

Cappon magro

Lean capon


Chestnut cake

Coniglio alla ligure

Ligurian rabbit


Chickpea pancake

Fiori di zucchini ripieni

Stuffed zucchini flowers


(flat oven-baked bread product topped with olive oil)

Fritelle di verdura

Vegetable pancakes

Fritto misto

Mixed fried seafood

Lasagne al pesto

Lasagna with pesto

Moscardini e patate

Octopus and potatoes

Pasta e fagioli

Pasta and beans

Panna cotta

Panna cotta

Peperoni alla brace

Grilled peppers

Pesto genovese

Genovese pesto

Torta di verdura

Vegetable pie

Trenette con pesto

Trenette with pesto

Trofie con salsa di funghi

Trofie with mushroom sauce

Zuppa di castagne

Chestnut soup

Zuppa di cozze

Mussel soup